The high cost of workers’ compensation does not have to be a part of doing business. Safety Management Resources, LLC believes that injury frequency and costs are controllable.

Safety Management Resources, LLC will assist your leadership and management team with executing a proactive approach to safety & health. We believe that safety & health is a process and our clients are involved in every step. We build an ongoing relationship with each of our clients so that we can understand the unique risk and loss control needs that each organization faces. Not only do we provide practical and cost-effective solutions for improving safety & health, but we make continual improvement part of the company culture. Thus the underlying sources of injuries can be identified and controlled, thereby reducing lost time, claims and costs.

Whether your needs are OSHA regulatory compliance, behavior-based safety, or expanding your existing safety & health efforts, we provide our knowledge and expertise to enhance the work enrionment, profitability and growth of your company.