These Numbers Don’t Need Crunching. No Objections About That!

Advantage Specialty is now offering a Workers’ Compensation Safety Group for Accountants, Lawyers, and Insurance Agents in New Jersey.

  • Competitive Pricing!
  • Up to 20% off Manual Pricing
  • Dividend of up to 40% (Based on Performance)
  • Flexible payment options, including Pay as You Go
  • Superior claims handling from professionals who care
  • Expert risk analysis, safety management and loss control services
  • Access to one of the largest networks in New Jersey, with 24-hour claim reporting and around-the-clock customer support

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How the Dividend Works:

Case Incurred Loss and ALAE Ratio Maximum Dividend Payout as a Percentage of Premium
0-15% 40%
16-25% 15%
26-35% 10%
36-45% 5%

  • Must be written within the 12-month period (7/1 – 6/30)
  • All policies must be in effect for the full policy term
  • All policies must be audited and paid in full

Dividend will be calculated 18 months after the end of the 12-month period.
No loss development factors are applied.

The Board of Directors must approve and declare a dividend prior to issuance to the Safety Group.

Must be a current policyholder to receive dividend payment (regardless of year).