Just what the doctor ordered.

Advantage Specialty is now offering a new and unique Health Services Dividend Program for Physicians, Chiropractors, Dentists, Dental Laboratories and Pharmacies in Florida.

  • Possible dividend of up to 30%! (Based on performance)
  • One-time calculation valued six (6) months after policy expiration date
  • Receive 100% of declared dividend nine (9) months after policy expiration;
    no recapture provision
  • No Loss Development Factor (LDF) or Incurred But Not Reported Factor
  • Superior claims handling, expert risk analysis, safety management and loss control services and around-the-clock support from professionals who care!

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How the Dividend Works:

Case Incurred Loss and ALAE Ratio Maximum Dividend Payout as a Percentage of Premium
0-5% 10% flat plus 20%
6-10% 10% flat plus 13%
11-20% 10% flat plus 10%
21-25% 10% flat plus 8%
26-30% 10% flat plus 8%
31% and over 10% flat

Dividend Eligibility:
Audited Discounted Premium of $750 or more. All policy premiums, including audit adjustments must be paid in full. Policies in audit dispute must be resolved prior to any dividend distribution. Any policy placed in collections is not eligible for a dividend. Policies with three (3) or more non-payment cancellation notices issued in the policy term are not eligible for a dividend. The policy must remain in effect for the full policy period to be eligible for a dividend.

The dividend calculation shall be made on eligible policies on the following basis:
While the Board fully intends to declare dividends at the appropriate time, the potential dividend distribution is at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. If the Board of Directors does not declare a dividend, no dividend distribution will be made to eligible policyholders. If the Board of Directors declares a dividend less than the amount needed to fund all of the potential maximum dividends for all eligible policies, your dividend will be reduced on a pro-rata basis. A payment will not be made on dividends that are calculated for $25 or less.